Reynolds Raw Materials announces the opening of the Indian Creek and Natural Rock Asphalt Quarries. The quarries to be operated by Hart County Stone.

Kentucky Rock Asphalt (known as Kyrock) is one of the first asphalt road building materials to be used in America. In fact, the Kyrock material was the first material ever laid for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The Kyrock stone is comprised of a very angular (angularity of 47 to 48 degrees) silica sand that is extremely skid resistant. The material qualifies as a Class A polish resistant aggregate which is the most expensive material in asphalt surface mix. The asphalt in the Kyrock varies from 4% up to 15%. The price of virgin asphalt liquid and the quality of the aggregate in the Kyrock combine to make it a large factor in per ton cost reduction. 

The Kyrock deposit is located in Edmonson County, Kentucky and has a reserve estimate of over 300,000,000 tons. The property is controlled by the Reynolds Family and was purchased by William G. Reynolds back in the mid 50's. The property is comprised of over 60,000 acres of mineral and mining deeds as well as several thousand acres of surface. The quality of the material and the size of the reserves makes Kyrock one of Kentucky's most abundant natural resources.

Any questions about product applications should be directed to:

William R. Florman
Senior VP RRM


Major Race Track project has entered design phase. Details to be annouced spring 2008!
Grand opening of first phase of Glasgow Bypass scheduled for December 2, 2005
Nothing Stops You Like Kyrock

Extreme Skid Resistance =Safer Roads 

  1. The asphalt in the sandstone offers a substanial dollar per-ton savings.
  2. The material will be more rut-resistant due to the material's angularity.
  3. The closest source of similar material is currently being transported in from Tennessee and does not offer the asphalt savings.
  4. The material is aesthetically pleasing while still maintaining a smooth, durable surface.
Better Material = Safer Roads In Kentucky